Take a Leap!

Hi There. I guess this is my first post since I created this blog like half a year ago. It’s kinda hard to start when you don’t know where to start. I have a lot of things in my mind but not sure if I should put everything in writing. So here is some bits and pieces about me.

Why do I start a blog?
Why indeed. Is it because there is a lot of things I want to write but just keep them in my head. I used to keep a diary from highschool days to college days then when I just get married. I am not someone who would like to open myself to another person so I prefer to write my thoughts. I write in my diary back in the old high school diaries to share my crushes, my frustrations or when I need to let out something that I can’t tell anyone. College days are more on my dreams and what’s going on in my life. Early marriage days are on dealings as a new MRS and at times my disappointments and at times I write when me and hubby had a fight and I pour my anger in writing. Then parenthood happen and I have to juggle my time between being a mother, a wife and a career that I lost time to write. And it might be because the little notebook has no more space to write my thoughts and I got lazy to buy a new journal. But whatever happen, I just stopped writing. I always thought of writing when moments come that I’m hit with an inspiration and I want to write but I just thought I’ll do it later. Then later become months and years and now almost a decade.

Its been almost a decade that I am married and am now a mother to three pretty, adorable but at times exasperating and exhilarating kids. I have experienced a lot, mature a ton and learned so much in that 10years span. I still got that inkling to write again. Maybe to put in letters the moments that I want to keep forever that I may relive them again.

Hi there old self and future self. Call me Jez and this blog is the start of my leap to do the things that I dream. I am an engineer by profession but a dreamer and a writer at heart.
So here I am trying to take the leap into writing again. Join me to “make a GO” to new adventures, new learning, new taste and in trying to record these experiences. Welcome to my BLOG!

For this year 2015 I resolve to do a least 1 post per week. I resolve to GO FOR IT!

NOTE: This is my personal blog. I am not a professional writer so I accept that I may not write with a perfect grammar (I hope to improve that in time) but I am starting this blog to be able to go back to my writing passion so bear with me.


4 thoughts on “Take a Leap!”

  1. Hi Jez, first off, congrats on taking the leap! I felt exactly the same a few months ago when I decided to really go into “blogging” again. I’m sure you’ll enjoy this online diary journey. 😉 Also, thanks for following my blog. Have a great day! 😉

    1. Hi Rose. Thank you for the support and for dropping by. I have found your blog while searching for mommy bloggers from cebu. I have enjoyed reading your blog and seeing the simple and heartfelt post. I believe I have found a kindred spirit in you and you have been one of an inspiration in my resolve to make a GO in blogging. Hope to get tidbits of advice from you on how this world of blogging goes. Although I have been lurking in other people blogs since 2005 but the world of wordpress is still very new to me. hehehe

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