Happiness need not be expensive

beachbum angels
My 3 lovely angels having fun on the beach sand.
Missing on the picture was the roasted chicken. It got consumed first while the tuna and squid was still grilling 😛

I woke up on an ordinary Sunday morning. The husband ask what we will have for breakfast. I thought of eating mangoes and “budbud” (a native delicacy of sticky rice wrapped in banana leaves) while inhaling the sea breeze. I brought up the idea with the husband and he was up for it. We woke up the kids got clothes and sunblock ready and off we go to the public beach up north in Lilo-an around 30-45mins ride from home.

We bought food from the Lilo-an public market and off we go to the beach. The kids had fun playing in the sand and snorkeling. And my budbud and sweet mangoes craving satisfied plus a sumptuous brunch to add.

We only  paid  400php total to the resort. 100 php for the beach table rent, 35php grilling charge plus some drinks. The food bought from the market puso (hanging rice), roasted chicken, tuna slices and 1 big squid that were grilled at the resort for a small fee, budbud, 1 kilo mangoes and watermelon slices was around 500 php. So we spend less than a thousand. Everyone had a grand time at the beach and the memories we made is priceless.


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