Grateful Mondays

Grateful mondays

The past week has been crazy busy, well for a working mom with three kids busy is an ordinary day.
Sorry for not being able to post the past week, I was away on Monday and Tuesday comes, tried to do a draft but did not finish it and days gone so fast it was already Friday. Hay enough of my excuses. I will have to take more firm measures to make sure I keep my post regular and keep this blog alive.

For the past week I am grateful for

1. The good news at the office when I least expect it.

2. Jessa’s (my eldest) full recovery from German measles

3. Celebrating my Uncle’s 63rd birthday last Feb 28. He had health issues last year and it was indeed something to be grateful that 2015 sees him healthier and going to full recovery.

4. Sunday pinoy breakfast of puto (maya), budbud and ripe mangoes. And being able to enjoy it with my family.

5. Jollibee dinner treat from the hubby last weekend. Because he was too lazy to prepare dinner . šŸ˜›

6. Being able to spend a lazy sunday with the hubby and all of my 3 kids. This may be a normal thing but I want to treasure these moments. The youngest is being taken cared of by the lola and lolo during weekdays as me and the hubby has to work and we don’t have any helper so I look forward to weekends when we can be all together in one house doing chores and just enjoying the day.

7. Water service is back! It was an off and on water service in our area from MCWD (Metro Ceby Water District) due to some pipe fixing so we have to resolve to storing water in drums or go to work without shower. So I’m so glad that we got the service back on a regular schedule and the fixing is done.

8. The free hopia from my officemate. It was my first taste of Eng Bee Tin hopia and I wish they will be available in Cebu.Ā  Thanks Yenna!

9. The cheat Fridays with my officemates. Me and my office mates is working on saving, we each have our version of 52 week saving challenge although we try it semi-monthly and a daily version so we bring lunch or buy viand at the nearby street stalls “carienderia” and to give way to our craving we try loosen up on buying something else on fridays be it just another trip to the bit pricy quick stop across the street.

10. My workshift now starts at 6am (Philippine time)! Due to daylight savings change of schedule in our head office (Canada) starting March 8, 2015 so we also have to start our shift an hour earlier. It sounds not so a yay as I have to wake up earlier. But the good side is I also get to go home an hour earlier. So get that butt of mine get up earlier and enjoy a longer day šŸ˜‰

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